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What is Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is a contemporary management practice used by businesses across the globe to ensure that supply of labour remains in sync with business and market cycles at all times.

Whereas only two parties – employer and employee – are involved in longer-term staffing plans, in the case of Temporary Staffing usually there is a tripartite arrangement. Here the main employer enters into a contract with a staffing agency under which the latter provides all its immediate manpower requirements needed for specific tasks over short durations.

Here it is critical to note that the temporary staffers are employed by the agency and not by its client, and they execute the work of the client under its supervision. Hence, they receive their payments from the agency also, though the work has been carried out at the client’s premises.

It is important to note that the client company is not the employer on record, which in legal terms remains with the staffing agency.

Three parties

  • EW – Employee Workforce
  • TSA – Temporary Staffing Agency
  • CC – Client Company

TNP Work

Advantages of Temporary Staffing

  • NO HASSLES of administrative functions and headaches of documentation
  • DRASTIC REDUCTION in HR Costs for management of recruitment, selection and payroll
  • INCREASED FLEXIBILITY in seasonal hiring and chance to assess performance prior to actual hiring
  • IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY of workforce as per needs
  • GREATER CHOICE from among a larger pool of potential employees
  • ZERO BURDEN of conducting medicals, etc
  • SMOOTH & SWIFT replacement mechanism of non-performers, if needed
  • ENJOY BENEFIT of skilled external HR team
  • MAINTAIN CONSISTENCY in levels of production

TNP Work

What Makes Us Special

Here are some of the reasons why you would prefer to work with us:

  • Official Recognition – all licences and documentation as per requirements
  • Completely Compliant – in accordance with the regulations and rules of countries that we operate in
  • Attractive Fee Structure – delivering value for money!
  • Dutiful Staff – high level performers with commitment and discipline
  • Care and Diligence – paying attention to the smallest details
  • Speedy, Round the Clock Service – responding to your requirements in the shortest possible time frame


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